Macintosh, shortly called as Mac, is an operating system created by Apple Inc. It supports various UNIX applications along with binary applications. Mac OS X has developed many safety measures, one of such features like advanced file handling system to prevent the system from data deletion or loss. It have also implemented many other security… Read Article →

What is a compact flash card? What is the main advantage in using the compact flash card and where it fits perfectly? Is it possible for compact flash card data recovery? I am using a Nikon DSLR camera which uses a SanDisk compact flash card. Unfortunately many of my images have lost while using the… Read Article →

I am in need of help….! I have unintentionally formatted my hard disk which has my project reports, seminar reports, birthday images of my child, etc. I want to restore all lost files from hard disk. Can anybody assist me the best way to overcome this kind of regretful situation? I want to retrieve those… Read Article →

Studies has shown that among all deletion scenarios that any other individual makes while using a digital camera accidental deletion of photos had been most common. It`s not exactly hard to lose hundreds of photos from your digital camera within just a blink of eye, if one doesn`t pay proper attention. In fact, situation do… Read Article →

Recycle bin folder is mainly used to store files or folders which have deleted from computer hard drive. Recycle bin stores data unless and until the capacity of recycle bin folder become less or the data is deleted manually from recycle bin. The main advantage of recycle bin folder is, you can easily restore your… Read Article →

Everyone are familiar with Microsoft and Windows. Microsoft is one of the popular personal information manager developing corporation. Microsoft Outlook is an Office package and a business client developed by Microsoft, which helps in personal information manager. Microsoft Outlook is not only used for sending and receiving emails the have many other features like Attachment… Read Article →

Nowadays, digital cameras use removable memory cards to store images instead of recording them on films. SD (Secure Digital) cards, SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards, MiniSD cards, CF (Compact Flash) cards, XD (Extreme Digital) cards are the different types of memory cards. Memory cards have dropped dramatically in price over the past couple of… Read Article →

AVI is a multimedia format configuration developed by Microsoft Corporation. AVI files display unbelievable quality of video even at small file size. These AVI file contains video and audio codec’s, in which it stores the files digitally. AVI files can be played in any prominent video players like Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player and… Read Article →

Have you ever accidentally delete the MP3 files from Windows system? Are you unable to access music files from Windows OS? Have you unintentionally deleted the MP3 files from the Recycle Bin? If you want to recover lost and deleted MP3 files out of system, then look at this article and acquire a suitable solution… Read Article →

“Accidentally, I deleted important files from my device. I am searching for tools to recover the deleted files as it was very much important to me. Can anyone please suggest me about the best working tool? It will be highly appreciated” Yes, Of course I will suggest you about the best working tool which includes… Read Article →

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