“I have saved lot of media files on my iPod and in order to copy more data to iPod I have connected it to Windows PC. And while sending files to iPod some sort of synchronization issue occurred due to which the iPod unexpectedly stopped working. So I tried to access iPod after disconnecting it… Read Article →

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint 2000 is one among the several versions of MS PowerPoint available in the market. PowerPoint 2000 introduced a clipboard that could hold multiple objects at once. With PowerPoint 2000, you can make learning more dynamic by creating eye catching and innovative presentations. You… Read Article →

Toady morning by mistake I have formatted my ‘E’ drive from laptop which contains a lot of valuable files and folders. I felt discouraging and was quite perplexed for few moments. I have no idea of how to restore files from formatted drive. After discussion on many social media network, blogs, forums and websites I… Read Article →

All are using Microsoft Outlook to maintain their email accounts because of its convenience and simplicity. Personal Storage Table (PST) is a file type of Microsoft Outlook that can store entire data. It facilitates you to send and receive email messages, message request, notes, tasks, calendar events, etc. This file may get corrupted or damaged… Read Article →

What is RAW hard drive? If a HDD doesn’t contain partitions, or when Windows or Mac OS based computer fails to identify the file system, then it indicates that the file system is corrupted, and a drive with corrupt file system is called as RAW hard drive. How to recover data from RAW hard drive?… Read Article →

Nowadays memory card corruption is not a big problem. But one and only thing is when the memory gets corrupt the files found in that could find loses like movie files, audio data files, pictures, etc. However the video files found in memory card can recover with the use of Video File Recovery software. This… Read Article →

Have you ever accidentally deleted your pictures out of your system? And are you searching for a solution to get back those deleted pictures from the personal computer? If yes, then no need to become anxious it’s because images could be recovered in few steps. You can easily get deleted or loss photos out of… Read Article →

USB drives are identical to internal drives because this external hard disk is used to store different files identical to internal computer. The files which may be used to save on USB drives are audio file, video file, spreadsheets, etc. Apart from storing the files and folders additionally, it may used to take back-up of… Read Article →

“Last night, I downloaded audio files from internet, and those are my favorite audio songs and the files were of WAV file format. Due to virus attack, I have lost complete downloaded WAV file folder from the system. So, is it possible to bring back my huge collection of music files? If yes, then kindly… Read Article →

Outlook is one of the most popular email client service introduced by Microsoft. Today most of the organizations are using Outlook to send and receive the emails. Outlook has many versions some latest version of Outlook is Outlook 2013 it has many advanced features such as it allows you to manage multiple accounts in single… Read Article →

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