QuickTime is most popular media player developed by Apple Inc. and is compatible on Mac operating system. There are enhanced features of this media player compare to other media player such as capable of handling digital audio/, video and picture format. This media player specially designed for MOV video file format. There are movies and… Read Article →

Mac is defined as a hardware oriented graphical user interface and an advanced robust operating system developed by the Apple Inc. There are different versions of Mac OS like Leopard, Snow leopard, mavericks, Panther, Lion, Mountain lion, etc.Mac uses Hierarchical file System in order to store the details of the files and also supports FAT… Read Article →

Dual-booting is a technique used to make your personal computer which operates with two or more Operating Systems on same hard drive by installing in two different partitions. After installing the different Operating Systems, every time when you turn on the PC it allows you to select which Operating System you to get into. Consider… Read Article →

Now a days there all people became fan of keeping smartphone and performing task like ticket booking , food booking etc. while go on way. Now there are iPhones and Android which are highly popular in market. Both having cons and pros. iPhones are manufactured by Apple and they only develop software whereas for Android… Read Article →

Hard drives are storage devices which contain non-volatile data. These devices has high data transfer rate compared to any other devices, due to which it is preferred by most of the users. There are basically two different types of hard disk. One is internal and other is external, which are further divided into many types…. Read Article →

There are two inbuilt applications which will be helpful fixing serious problems in the system they are Windows System Recovery Disc and Repair Disc. The purposes of the both are same but the process is different. Here’s more about how to create a recovery USB drive in Windows 7. Steps to Create System Recovery USB… Read Article →

Wi-Fi sensing is a powerful feature included in Windows operating system that automatically detects all the nearer Wi-Fi networks. With the help of this feature you can easily access internet by providing some key information like password, etc. In all the previous versions of Windows operating systems up to Windows XP user need to install… Read Article →

Have you currently encounter error messages after attempting to open hard disk repeatedly? If so, it might be because of corruption problems as well as other issues. The error messages may be “the disk is not formatted would you like to format it or not formatted?” hence, you might not know what techniques to adopt… Read Article →

iPhoto is a software application used for organizing users photos efficiently and it was manufactured by Apple Inc. It provides user simple way to sort, organize and find their favorite photos. iPhoto has the features of editing photos and makes them look in stylish and its also comes with sharing option. However, there are some… Read Article →

A few computer users prefer to carry their data wherever they go. For such users a small and reliable storage device called the USB drive was invented. This storage device might look small but can store up to 128GB of data in its memory. As of today, USB drives larger than this are also available… Read Article →

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