“I have downloaded some apps on my Windows computer. Due to this, my system speed was reduced and when I searched over the internet, I got the answer that resetting the computer to factory setting will make it work fine again. As suggested, I have reset my computer but I forget to take the backup… Read Article →

Western Digital Drive Recovery software is the most reliable and affective tool that is capable of recovering files that are deleted or lost form the Western Digital hard disk drive. There are many reasons that are responsible for the deletion or loss of files from the Western Digital disk drive. Sometimes you may delete the… Read Article →

ZIP file format is a most popular form of data storage. They are stored in compressed form to reduce their size. It is done so that large files can be easily transferred or shared over the network to reduce transmission time. But sometimes while you are sharing or transferring files over network, the files may… Read Article →

Interaction with the display is one of the important parts of the users while using the PC. You want a good look while you are browsing a web page, editing text, manipulating pictures and many other tasks. In order to adjust the contrast, color and brightness of your screen many tools are included in Windows… Read Article →

“Today morning, I decided to clean up my hard drive by deleting some unwanted files because the storage capacity is almost full. While deleting the files I accidentally selected some important file along with unwanted ones and hit delete option. This results in deletion of my favorite music files, I cursed myself for what I… Read Article →

It is very unusual that we delete some or entire media files from camera or any other storage device. However with some actions we can easily recover them and what you require is a reliable Digital media recovery tool. Initial preparation for Media Recovery If you have deleted your pictures from camera then detach the… Read Article →

Bluetooth is the alternative to wires, you can connect it with Bluetooth-enabled phones, headsets, mice, keyboards, printers, tablets, and several other devices with a Bluetooth-supporting computer. You can also transfer the files back and forth, or use a mouse and keyboard as the wireless input device, or can use the wireless headset for the audio… Read Article →

Samsung 950 Pro which was released in Dec 2015 is one of the fastest drive that you can easily trust for your computer system. There is no question that Samsung 950 Pro provides you a better speed with the compact M.2 which is compatible on both desktop and laptop systems. There is so many technology… Read Article →

  “Recently I went to London with my friends and captured lots of pictures and videos with my digital camera. When I am transferring those pictures to my system, suddenly my system get shutdown. When I turn on my system to transfer those remaining pictures what I see that my pictures are not present either… Read Article →

MS Office 2013 is one of the latest versions of the Outlook and it is introduced by Microsoft Corporation there are many other versions such as Outlook 2016, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, etc. In MS Office suite there are many applications which work for different purposes, among these applications Outlook is one of… Read Article →

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