USB drives are identical to internal drives because this external hard disk is used to store different files identical to internal computer. The files which may be used to save on USB drives are audio file, video file, spreadsheets, etc. Apart from storing the files and folders additionally, it may used to take back-up of data from computer and today it has become craze that personal data may be used to save in USB drives because the majority of the computer users think that data stored within the USB drives is secure. This fact is false actually because due to some reasons the files that are stored on the external hard disk may get deleted.

Once you find with file deletion scenarios in the USB drives then you don’t need to bother because this article will introduce one of the most excellent recovery tools with regard to USB drive file deletion. The tool by name USB Drive Recovery Tool enables you to restore deleted files from external USB drive easily.

File deletion scenarios through external USB drive

Unintentional Deletion: Sometimes you may choose some unwanted files for deletion during this period accidentally you may choose the files which are essential and then you can press delete key.  This course of action may results in deletion of files from external USB drives easily.

Third Party Tool: Virus is malicious data which may be present on some computer system  when you connect your USB drive to such computer and then its quite common that the virus may enter into external hard disk and the files about the external hard drives progressively gets infected by this kind of malicious programs. After virus infection should you undergo virus scanning task using anti-virus program then during this time you may face file deletion problems.

File Transfer Interruption: If you are moving the files from external drive towards the computer then during this if any  types of interruptions like abrupt external drive ejection occurs otherwise unexpected system shutdown, then there might be file deletion from the external USB drive.

Some Outstanding options that come with USB Drive Recovery Tool

  • USB Drive Recovery Tool can be considered among the highly supported tool to recuperate deleted files from the USB external hard disk.
  • This tool has capacity to recover image files of different file formats for example PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIEF etc. and even RAW file formats.
  • It can also be possible to restore the files from the storage media such as pen drive, memory cards, iPods etc.
  • This tool {can be used on different operating systems for example Windows and Mac.
  • It has capacity to recover more then 280 kinds of different files from USB drives.
  • This utility will support file formats of FAT16 FAT32, NTFS, EXFAT, and NTFS5 on various kinds of external USB drives for example SCSI, SATA, ATA, IDE, and so on.
  • It can also supply to recover files through deleted partitions. For additional information regarding deleted file partition recovery proceed through this link:

“Last night, I downloaded audio files from internet, and those are my favorite audio songs and the files were of WAV file format. Due to virus attack, I have lost complete downloaded WAV file folder from the system. So, is it possible to bring back my huge collection of music files? If yes, then kindly suggest me the way by which I can recover my WAV files easily”.

WAV is one of the most popular file formats which is developed earlier by Microsoft. WAV is stands for Waveform Audio File. By using this WAV file format it can possible for you to play outstanding sound effect and etc. The file extension of the WAV file format is .wav, these WAV files are audio file format, and these files can be played in any of the media player. However, if you delete such WAV audio file then don’t get worry because, by using WAV File Recovery Software you can easily recover WAV file with utmost ease.

Scenarios which lead to deletion / loss of WAV file

Third Party Applicators: A third party anti-virus tool can delete some of your essential WAV files which are severely infected by virus attack.

File Transfer Error: It’s quite common to share the files between system and other storage device, and during this transfer process if there any interruption occurred like sudden system shutdown, etc. then your file may get deleted.

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, the system users may delete some unwanted files to free up the storage space of the system. During this process, accidentally you may select WAV file and press the delete key which results in file deletion.

Outstanding features of WAV File Recovery Software

  • This is one of the best recovery software that effortlessly recover WAV file from any of the WAV file deletion scenario.
  • By making use of this outstanding tool it can be possible for you to easily recover WAV file from system and additionally it can also possible to recover WAV files from other removable storage devices like external HDD, USB drive, memory stick, SD card etc.
  • This utility also helps you to recover other media files such as video file, pictures or any other files from the system.
  • By making use of this tool it can also possible to recover WAV files from various memory cards or other musical devices such as iPods and etc. To know iPod iTune recovery just goes through this link:
  • This recovery tool effectively works on Windows system as well as Mac operating system.

Tips to avoid WAV file deletion or loss

  • While deleting unwanted file, try to confirm first which file you have selected for deletion then go for pressing the delete button.
  • Avoid using third party applications to alter the WAV file.
  • Avoid abrupt system shutdown using UPS for system.
  • Use updated antivirus tool for system which will protect files from virus attack.

Outlook is one of the most popular email client service introduced by Microsoft. Today most of the organizations are using Outlook to send and receive the emails. Outlook has many versions some latest version of Outlook is Outlook 2013 it has many advanced features such as it allows you to manage multiple accounts in single machine, customization of emails, RSS Feeds, and it allows you to receive voicemails and fax to your inbox. OST and PST are the two important files provide by the Outlook OST stands for Offline Storage Table this file is responsible for storing the data when the client server is not connected with the internet. PST stands for Personal Storage Table which is responsible for storing each information regarding Outlook. Sometimes Outlook users used to encrypt the OST file to it’s because to maintain confidentiality of the data. During this process often your OST file may get corrupt and the data stored in it is become inaccessible, if the OST fie got corrupt then it’s difficult to access the data from the Outlook in order to access data from Outlook it should be need to Convert Encrypted OST to PST. This task can be accomplished by making use of Convert OST to PST software.

Reasons behind the OST File CorruptionOutlook Upgradation: Sometimes users go for Outlook version up-gradation and during this process, if any interruption occurs then there may be encounter chances of OST file corruption.

Abrupt Outlook Application Termination: If you close your MS Outlook application abruptly, when certain Outlook task is in progress such as sending or receiving the emails. During this point of time you abruptly close the application then there may be a chance of OST file corruption.

Over size of OST file:  OST and PST files are having some sort of predefined storage size, once if you cross the limit of the OST file then which will corrupt the OST file and loss the data from OST file.

Effective features of Convert OST to PST software

  • This tool is well intended to repair OST corruption issues from any of the above mentioned scenarios.
  • This Outlook fix software has developed such a way that by using this application you can repair your encrypted OST file without any kind of data loss.
  • By using this utility it’s possible to convert corrupted OST file to new Working PST file.
  • It can possible to recover all kinds of Outlook attributes such as calendars, email, appointments etc.
  • This software offers repair task for different Outlook versions such as Outlook 2002, 2007 and 2010 etc.
  • It can easily run on all the versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.
  • By utilizing “Preview” option it’s possible to view the recovered OST file before going to buy the full version of software.
  • By using this utility it can possible to repair broken PST file. For more details just visit this URL:

External hard disk is a portable device by which you’ll carry large amount of data from place to other location. Apart from this utility you may make use of external hard disk to take backup of the important data. External hard disk is capable to store different type of data like media files, documents, applications, games etc.

Unlike other storage devices you might find data loss scenarios in external hard disk also, once you have met with this type of situation then no need to have of worry because here it is possible to retrieving data from crashed external hard drive without any type of interruptions. This task could be accomplished by most reliable Crashed external hard drive recovery tool.

Data loss scenarios of crashed hard drive

Improper Use of Device: External hard drive is portable enough to transport it from one place to other place because of this reason there may be possibility of external hard drive to drop. Once you drop external hard drive then there exists a chance of disk platters as well as head damage which leads to crash of external hard drive.

Extreme Weather Conditions: External hard disk is kind of device which will crash when the weather conditions are extremely hot or cold. This is due to inadequate cooling or ventilation around the external hard drive increasing the probability of crash.

Aging of Hardware: Due to more usage there exists chance of external hard disk corruption. You can also observe that if your external hard disk become older then there might be more chances to crash your hard disk.

Bad sectors: If you’re external hard disk is suffering from bad sectors and if the quantity of bad sectors increases then it’ll stop the data accessibility from bad sectors, this lead to external drive corruption.

File System Corruption: File system is responsible to keep the data in most convenient way, once your file system gets corrupted then there exists chance of external drive crash.

Crashed external hard drive recovery tool features

  • Crashed external hard drive recovery tool has been specially designed to recover more then 300 different file types on crashed hard disk.
  • By making use of the recovery tool it could be possible to recover deleted or formatted data from external hard disk.
  • Other then external hard disk this tool also allows you to recover removable devices such as pen drive, USB drive, FireWire Drive, memory card etc.
  • This utility has simple graphical user interface by using which any computer beginner also can completely recover data from crashed drives.
  • It could also possible to recover data from different file system like FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, as well as HFSX.
  • This application perfectly operates on Mac OS to recover lost information effectively.
  • Crashed external hard drive recovery product efficiently operates on all major versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
  • By making usage of “Preview” option you might preview recovered data before you go to purchase full version software. For more details how to retrieve corrupted external hard drive visit here :

Have you ever accidentally deleted files or emptied Trash on Mac devices? Are you searching for the best way to retrieve deleted files from Trash on Mac machine? If so, then, your search ends here. Employ this My Undelete documents software to rescue files deleted as a result of emptying Trash, third party software and so on.

Trash is inbuilt application in every Mac machine known as temporary storage drive which store files after deletion from hard drive. The size of the Trash is equivalent to the total size of available hard drive. In case, if you erase files then it will be stored in temporary storage drive and you can easily retrieve back when you need it. What will you do if deleted files are not in Trash? There are several recovery software are available in the industry, but you need to choose trustworthy and reliable tool to undelete files from trash on Mac machine. This highly rated app helps to retrieve deleted files in any circumstances.

  • Suppose, you have stored large number of data on system hard disk and realize the shortage of space to store new data. Now, you decide to erase unnecessary files from system hard disk drive, while selecting unwanted files you may chose very important files and also empty the Trash. It may lead to complete loss of files.
  • Sometimes, user erase files by using COMMAND + SHIFT + DELETE keys of combination and think that it will bypass the Trash. But, when you use this key of combination to erase files it will be stored in Trash. If you emptied Trash without seeing the existing data then there are chances to loss of crucial data.
  • In few cases, you purposefully clear Trash by using empty Trash option to make free space for new data. If you cleared Trash without checking the available content then it may result on loss of important data.

Some suggestions to avoid data loss:

  • It’s always suggested to take proper backup on some other external storage drive. After losing you can have copy of data from backup.
  • Prefer to use trustworthy and branded third party software such as antivirus.
  • If you have lost data from Trash then the first thing you should do, stop working on system drive and do not store new files on it. Once you overwrite then there are no possibilities to get back deleted files.

Whenever you face such data loss situation from Trash on Mac machine then this ultimate tool plays an important role to get back deleted files. This professional app has capability to recover files from trash on Mac as well as Windows based Operating system. To get complete information how to restore files from Trash, hit here The award winning software enables to retrieve numerous kinds of files and sort on the basis of there unique signatures like size, names, file extension, types, etc on your finger tips. It supports recovery of erased files from various file system such as FAT32, FTA16, HFS+, HFSX and HFS on all versions of Mac OS.

Are you searching forward for a best answer to get back lost data after installing Windows OS? If that is the situation then your search ends here, in this particular condition you need to opt a highly effective file recovery tool, which is skilled enough to extract data from formatted hard disk. You can use of the topped rank recovery app named Windows Hard Drive Recovery. With the aid of this tool, it is possible to retrieve files from hard disk after reinstalling Windows effortlessly.

How reinstalling Windows OS may lead to loss of vital data

Re-installation of OS is required, if you discover that your system is no longer working as per your expectation or when system files are damaged. When, it makes happen then many of us opt to reinstall the OS. But, mistake occurs when you format complete hard disk, while installing OS. Whenever you do this then you can definitely find next, nothing in your hard disk whenever your system is ready for usage after installation. This type of condition grows more drastic, in the event you lose vital files in this way. There are numerous others reasons that could push you to install the OS unwillingly.

One of the greatest factors that cause this is virus attack. As we all are well conscious that about PC virus. Virus is a computer program, which design to affect system data either by changing or corrupting information. One among major source of virus attack is internet whenever you connect system to internet without proper antivirus security then it can result in relocation of virus into system. Once it is copied into system then further it could damage system files. As system file corrupt, then you definitely become incapable to gain access to your laptop or computer system further. Here in this type of condition you need to format the system by reinstalling Windows OS. So that as we all know, humans are made to perform mistakes, so he can format the other vital partition or can completely format the hard drive by accident.

How to handle this situation after losing vital data next reinstalling Windows OS?

Whenever you lose vital files from computer system, after formatting then it is recommended that do not utilize the computer system for storage purpose. It is simply because whenever you store any file inside the hard disk then there is a possibility of overwriting of data location from where the data retrieval is required. As soon as the locations are overwritten then you might lose your vital data forever. Before overwriting data location, you can possibly use above-mentioned tool and retrieve lost files from the formatted hard disk effortlessly. For additional detail, you can check this link:

Nowadays, plenty of users prefer Windows as their Operating System due to its simple user interface, cost, flexibility, data storage ability, etc. Nevertheless, if you are a regular user of Windows OS and using it for a long period of time then at some point of time you have to re-install Windows OS. Generally, when you re-install Windows OS, “Documents and settings” will be initialized and the files present in that folder will be erased. These erased files can still be restored by using any data recovery tool.

You can find various reasons behind Windows OS reinstallations and these are explained below:

The performance of computer gradually becomes slow due to some unknown errors, program settings and other system modifications that result in slow performance of the computer. Hence, to improve computer speed and its overall performance, re-installation is necessary.

The system file corruption is the main reason behind Windows OS re-installation. Due to some logical errors, the system file or boot file gets corrupt and result in error message during start up process which prevents your system from booting. Hence, there is a requirement to re-install your OS to fix this type of problem.

In some instances, to remove external threats from computer there is a need to re-install the Windows OS. In order to get rid of all these circumstances, you need to use Windows hard drive recovery software. It can recover Windows hard drive of various types like SCSI, IDE, PATA, ATA and SATA.

You need to carryout following installation methods which can be used to recover data:

Upgrade installation:   In order to utilize new features, upgrade the current Operating System to newer version. By doing this, you can keep users settings and application installations. Sometimes, this in turn result in data loss scenarios.

Clean installation: This is performed to improve performance of the system and stability. After clean installation all the files from the previous OS is lost. If the data is not overwritten, there is a chance to recover it.

Features of this tool are:

By means of it, you can recover data from formatted or reformatted hard disks from both computers and laptops. By making use of this natively designed utility, you can recover files from partitions like RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5. It supports recovery of files from well-liked brands of hard drives like Maxtor, Samsung, Buffalo, Western Digital, etc. it can support recovery of files from different file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, ExFAT. Moreover, it can support recovery of files from external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.

It is a safe to use software that scans the hard drive and displays recoverable data from the selected drive. This program is used in all versions of Windows OS like XP, Vista, 2003, 7. Not only after OS reinstallation, it also retrieves data after deletion of files, formatting of drives, corruption, etc. By using freely available demo version, you can evaluate the recovery result. For further details regarding the recovery of files such as images, pdf files, ppt files, etc. from hard drive lost due to re-installing Windows OS follow this link:

Are you a person who has recently lost vital data from USB drive due to unintentional formatting? After encountering this situation, you are looking forward to best possible way to recover lost data. If that is the case, then you are at right destination and here you will get best solution to your entire problem related to lost data recovery from USB drive. When you lose data from USB drive then there is no need to stay in tension any more. It is simply because when you lose data from USB drive then images of lost data resides within the location from where it is possible to recover lost data in an effective way. Here you just need of an effective data recovery tool named Formatted Hard Drive Recovery. With the help of this tool, you can effectively recover data from formatted UBS drive.

User faces unintentional formatting situation due to file system corruption. Once the file system gets corrupted then you become incapable to access USB drive data further. Whenever you try to access USB drive then there comes up an error message like drive needs to format. When you face this situation then you have to format the drive unwilling and if there is any vital files resides there within the USB drive then it may cost you a lot, simply because you don’t know that how important the lost file was. Unfortunately, if you lost data from USB drive then there comes up the role of above-mentioned tool, with the help of this tool you can successfully recover data from USB drive.

Let us discuss some issues that may lead to corruption of file system and push you in an intentional formatting condition. One of the biggest reasons behind the corruption of file system is improper ejection. It is found most, if you make search online then you easily discover many one who is going through same problem. Often it is found out that user pull out the connect USB drive without making the use of safely remove option. When you do so then there is a chance, that you could encounter an error message while accessing US drive. Here in such a condition you can also make use of this above message for effective recovery. For more info, please check this link:

Several other unseen and seen reasons that you can locate and may lead to corruption of file system and in all the circumstances, you can make use of the Formatted Hard Drive Recovery tool and retrieve data from USB drive with ease. But when you lose data from USB drive then it is recommended that avoid the usage of drive. It is because, further usage of drive may lead to overwriting of data from where the data retrieval is needed. If anyhow the data is overwritten, you become incapable to access USB drive data then you become incapable to recover data effectively. Prior to overwritten, you can make use of the above-mentioned data recovery tool and get data from formatted hard drive with ease.

Are you facing problem while accessing USB hard drive? If you are facing then there is no need to be fret in such a situation. First, you should connect hard drive in some other computer and note that it is working there or not. If it is working there, then take your vital data from the drive and store it to some other location. From that location, you can access your vital data as you are doing before. The problem arises when you become unable to access the USB hard drive in some other computer system too. In such a condition, you need to format the USB drive unwillingly. Once you format the drive then entire data within the hard drive wipes out. Here in such a condition there is no need to be fret. It is simply because you can recover every bit of data by making the use of skilled recovery tool. Formatted Hard Drive Recovery tool is answer to entire your problem. You can make use of this tool and effectively carry out formatted hard drive recovery from USB drive in an effective way.

When you lose data from USB drive then there is no need to think that you can regain back or there is no need to go for costly process of data recovery such recovery through experts. You can simply make use of the above-mentioned tool for effective recovery. Actually, when you lose data from USB drive due to unexpected formatting then there exist images of files from where it is possible to recover data in an effective way. Just make use of the tool, which uses powerful inbuilt algorithm that completely scan for the drive location for broken pointer information, once it is located then rebuilt the pointer again and further you can access vital files from particular drive location just by simple clicking, as you were doing before.

Let us come up the fact behind the unexpected formatting issues. Formatting error comes up while accessing USB drive due to corruption of file system (format to store data within the storage device). When file system gets corrupted then you become incapable to access drive data further. It might be due to the various reasons such as virus attack, improper termination, interruption between file transfer process, bad sector and so on. There are various other unseen causes that may lead to corruption of file system and making you incapable to access drive data further.

Whatever be the reason of formatting issues you can make use of the Formatted Hard Drive Recovery and effectively recover data from formatted drive with so ease. In case you are looking forward for an effective data recovery tool, which is skilled enough to recover data from formatted drive then, this tool best suited to your need. Without wasting a second, just make use of this tool and make fun with your data as you did before.  To know more you can visit this link:

SSD stands for solid-state drive, which provides storage functionality to laptops and desktop computers. Often it is found that user loses data from SSD drive due to formatting. Unexpected formatting condition arises when file system of hard drive gets corrupt. There are several reasons that may lead to corruption of file system and push you in an unintentional formatting condition. Let us discuss some in more detail. One of the biggest reasons behind the file system corruption is virus attack. It happens when you connect system to external source that contains severe virus. Either when you connect system to internet or connect virus infected external drive to system. Both the cases may lead to relocation of virus into hard drive. Further, it might damage file system of hard drive and leads to formatting error.

After getting formatting error message, it is must to format the hard drive unwillingly and once you format the drive then entire data within the hard drive is wiped out. After losing data in such a way, you can make use of the Recover formatted tool successfully retrieve data from formatted SSD hard drive. Interruption of file system conversion process may lead to formatting issues. Suppose you are converting file system to upgrade the functionality. When you do so then it is recommended that the process should be completed without any interruption. If somehow the process hangs out in the meanwhile then it may lead to corruption of file system. Further formatting is must to make the drive useable again, but it ends with data loss from hard drive. For more detail, you can visit this link:

Resizing is another most popular reason behind the formatting issue. When you do resizing of hard drive space then keep in mind the process should be reach to end point without interruption. If the process interrupts, in the meanwhile then further it may lead to corruption of file system. Further formatting is needful to make the drive workable. Accidental formatting is another issue that may lead to loss of data from SSD hard drive but it has low probability of occurrence. Often it is found that user formats important drive partition instead of formatting other useless partition. When you do so then it may cause severe data loss, simply because you do not know that how important the formatted partition is for you.

Whatever be the causes behind the data loss after formatting you can make use of above-mentioned tool and effectively retrieve data from formatted SSD hard drive. Apart from SSD hard drive, you can make use of the tool to recover data from various formatted hard drive such as USB drives, memory cards, flash drives, system hard drives, etc. With the help of this tool, you can recover various data files such as audios, videos, photos and so on. This tool is effective in recovering data from formatting hard drive on various versions of Windows such as Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and so on. Apart from Windows, this tool supports formatted data recovery on Mac systems too.