“The world brought to you by you.” That’s the caption featured on GoPro Camera. True isn`t it! GoPro Cameras can capture anything, cute moments with your kids to cooking, camping, surfing, and snowball fights anything. It provides professional video and photo quality, plus powerful feature to capture your world. But nothing is perfect. Your world,… Read Article →

Nowadays watching of videos is more abundant in every electronic device. The easiest way to understand things is through videos. In a video file there are two streams one is audio stream and other is video file. While playing the video both the files will collaborate and flow accordingly. There are many file formats of… Read Article →

“Hi I was wondering is there any possibilities that I could simply right click inside the “Finder” window and have assistances of “terminal” option. As this option in Finder would be greatly helpful. Any remedy from this quire will be much appreciated and would be benefited for various Mac OS X’s Finder end user. Thanks… Read Article →

“I had stored some important files in my Windows 10 based system, but last week suddenly my system got infected by harmful virus. Since then I was unable to find those files, the file have got hidden. I don’t know what to do, and how to tackle this issue. Is there any software to recover… Read Article →

Hard drive is essential components of the computer device as it allows users to store their personal data. Even it has capacity to store huge amount of data and it also facilitate users dividing the data and store in the separate partitions for the convenient purpose as the intension that users should not feel any… Read Article →

MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group which was formed by ISO & IEC. It is used to compress the high quality videos. MPEG files consist of an algorithm used to compress the data into small bits which can be transmitted over the internet. A file with an .MPEG file extension is a video file… Read Article →

Windows 10 is the most successful and powerful operating system from Microsoft corporation. With more than 14 million people have already download it and MS Windows 10 comes with a free update for a year. Windows 10 is a successor of Windows 8.1; it is featured with some of the astonishing option like Full featured… Read Article →

Macintosh, shortly called as Mac, is an operating system created by Apple Inc. It supports various UNIX applications along with binary applications. Mac OS X has developed many safety measures, one of such features like advanced file handling system to prevent the system from data deletion or loss. It have also implemented many other security… Read Article →

What is a compact flash card? What is the main advantage in using the compact flash card and where it fits perfectly? Is it possible for compact flash card data recovery? I am using a Nikon DSLR camera which uses a SanDisk compact flash card. Unfortunately many of my images have lost while using the… Read Article →

I am in need of help….! I have unintentionally formatted my hard disk which has my project reports, seminar reports, birthday images of my child, etc. I want to restore all lost files from hard disk. Can anybody assist me the best way to overcome this kind of regretful situation? I want to retrieve those… Read Article →

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