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SD cards, pen drives, USB drives etc are used to maintain your data, sometimes data can be maintained as a back up on these storage drives. Most common problem is that all users face data loss situation due to intentional or unintentional format. Sometimes there is a chance of losing files by accidental deletion. Whatever… Read Article →

The SD card is a popular portable flash memory card used to store media files up to a particular size limit. The SD card is used in handheld devices, mobile phones, laptop computers, media players, etc. You never know what situation you might delete pictures, so this article describes you how to rescue deleted photos… Read Article →

Are you the user whose Zip file is corrupted due to improper compression? If your reply is yes, you will be in frustration. You may get different reasons like pulling out of USB drive while transferring data, the breakdown of a file during compression, software malfunction, interruption during downloading of file like power failure, etc…. Read Article →

Outlook 2007 is an email client designed by Microsoft; it comes as a part of Microsoft Office suite. With the help of this tool user can access server emails and other attributes such as contacts, calendar etc. Best thing about this app, with the help of this app, you can access emails and other saved… Read Article →

Are you currently going through the performance issues with your pc y system? Whenever you access an application within laptop or computer then it takes lots of time to open. Sometimes the system might go to not responding mode once you particular application of access it. This type of condition arises because of data fragmentation… Read Article →

Have you recently deleted vital data from ADATA SD card? After doing this, you are feeling guilty on your act and looking for a way out to undelete ADATA SD card data. In such a condition, there is no need to be a worry. It is because it is a normal happening in the current… Read Article →

  “Recently I went to London with my friends and captured lots of pictures and videos with my digital camera. When I am transferring those pictures to my system, suddenly my system get shut down. When I turn on my system to transfer those remaining pictures what I see that my pictures are not present… Read Article →

All are using Microsoft Outlook to maintain their email accounts because of its convenience and simplicity. Personal Storage Table (PST) is a file type of Microsoft Outlook that can store entire data. It facilitates you to send and receive email messages, message request, notes, tasks, calendar events, etc. This file may get corrupted or damaged… Read Article →

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