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Microsoft Outlook is regarded as the popular email clients utilized by people worldwide for managing both personal and business data. You’ll be able to send emails, store contacts, meeting requests, schedule tasks, make notes, make appointments, etc with the different attributes available in Outlook namely Contacts, Calendar Items, Appointments, Tasks, Notes etc. All you have… Read Article →

Secure Digital (SD) cards are extensively utilized in several host devices which includes digital cameras, camcorders, computer game consoles, portable Global Positioning Systems etc. these cards, just like other memory cards, are generally not resistant to corruption. Data corruption can creep in a secure digital card with no anterior notice. You only understand better that… Read Article →

Has your MS word gets corrupted? Generally, the MS word is one of the best and powerful application packages of Microsoft office utilized to create text documents. This user-friendly tool provides many features to the users helping to develop a number of documents without hassle. It will become the part of everyone’s life as this… Read Article →

Memory cards are widely-used to save your data, is simply because this really is only secure medium to help keep the data safe. Some of the other secure media exist but aren’t that appropriate as memory cards. A number of handheld devices which are used in combination with memory cards to save the data. Memory… Read Article →

MacBook is a brand of Mac Machine which is created and marketed by Apple Inc. from their Macintosh line of computers. Mac OS X uses the different sorts of file system like, HFS+, HFSX. The Mac OS is used popularly in the world. It uses file systems for organizing and manipulating data on its hard… Read Article →

Microsoft Outlook is an email application that is at client side. This tool is used for emailing purpose. All of your mails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, tasks etc. go through some algorithms and then are stored in the PST file of one’s Outlook. Microsoft Outlook has several versions like 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Outlook… Read Article →

In organization people share a PST file over a network. During this process if any error occurs like an abrupt power surge or if your PST file is  affected by a virus then your PST file get damaged. Due to damage of the PST file you will be unable to access your data from Outlook… Read Article →

Now a days everyone is using Microsoft Outlook to store your emails, contact list and personal details etc. But many users who using the old version of outlook wanted to upgrade their Outlook such time during the upgradation their PST file may get corrupt and you lose all your stored data out of your PST… Read Article →

Outlook, the most famous programmed client side tools used for emailing. The tool is really powerful which gives the facility to work in offline mode (offline mode actual meaning is to work without net connection with tools). As said previously, the Outlook is a client side tool, and is available with the office package of… Read Article →

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