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QuickTime is a media player which is developed by Apple Inc. It is needed to play a video with high quality. They combine a package of animation, sound, visual representation and text to play a video. It was launched by Apple so it supports Mac operating system. Later it was developed for Windows OS as… Read Article →

“The world brought to you by you.” That’s the caption featured on GoPro Camera. True isn`t it! GoPro Cameras can capture anything, cute moments with your kids to cooking, camping, surfing, and snowball fights anything. It provides professional video and photo quality, plus powerful feature to capture your world. But nothing is perfect. Your world,… Read Article →

MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group which was formed by ISO & IEC. It is used to compress the high quality videos. MPEG files consist of an algorithm used to compress the data into small bits which can be transmitted over the internet. A file with an .MPEG file extension is a video file… Read Article →

QuickTime is most popular media player developed by Apple Inc. and is compatible on Mac operating system. There are enhanced features of this media player compare to other media player such as capable of handling digital audio/, video and picture format. This media player specially designed for MOV video file format. There are movies and… Read Article →

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