How to Fix Corrupted Microsoft Outlook PST File?

Microsoft Outlook is regarded as the popular email clients utilized by people worldwide for managing both personal and business data. You’ll be able to send emails, store contacts, meeting requests, schedule tasks, make notes, make appointments, etc with the different attributes available in Outlook namely Contacts, Calendar Items, Appointments, Tasks, Notes etc. All you have to do is configure your email account with Outlook and use it effectively to handle your activities. Outlook 2010 is the latest version of Microsoft Outlook whereas former versions of Outlook are 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000. All emails as well as other Outlook profile data is saved as single PST file on your hard drive. However, corruption of PST file is the major problem that freezes Outlook profiles and you also won’t be able to access data from damaged PST file in such situations.

There are several causes for the corruption or damage of PST files as explained below:

Damage to PST File Header: The prominent reason for the corruption of PST file is damage to the header structure. A header will be the vital element of any PST file that includes details like name of file, size of file, data of file creation, file format, etc. Any intentional or accidental changes made to header damages file structure of that particular PST file and makes it inaccessible.

Defective Network Devices: Normally PST file resides within the configure network and used over a shared network. Any errors that occur because of network failures as a result of defective network devices/server breakdowns or viruses present on the internet can corrupt your PST file and causes it to be inaccessible.

Accessing Large Volume of Emails: In most organizations operating with large volume of emails at a time is essential of course, if any interruptions or error that occur as a consequence of sudden system shutdown, power failures, improper closure of Outlook may severely corrupt your PST file.

Compaction Operation: The compaction operation is carried out to reduce the PST file size on a hard drive by removing all blank spaces on it. Sometimes errors can appear when you perform compaction operation that may severely injure your Outlook PST file.

Upgradation of Outlook or OS: Whenever you change your Outlook from older to the newer version to keep pace with updates of software, there are probabilities of Outlook corruption because of compatibility issues. In same manner Upgradation of an operating system installed on your PC may lead to damage of PST file and makes it unreadable.

Other Errors: PST file exceeding fixed size limit, anti-virus software scanning your computer data, viruses present on a hard drive, etc can corrupt your PST file and causes it to be inaccessible.

Microsoft Outlook contains an inbox repair tool called Scanpst.exe to repair the corrupted PST file, but this Scanpst.exe tool is found to less efficient and doesn’t work when PST file is severely corrupted. The scanpst.exe tool scans just the header of corrupt PST file thereby repairs the corrupt PST file by altering the Original PST file content. However, you do not need to worry whenever your PST file is corrupted there exists one effective tool called fix PST to perfectly repair Outlook PST file damaged as a consequence of all earlier mentioned scenarios. It uses two options referred to as Normal Scan and Smart Scan to repair the corrupted PST file depending on the extent of its corruption.

It uses advanced scanning techniques to fully scan the damaged PST file and creates new PST file at the end of the repair process. Thereby it ensures the safety of original PST file and you’ll be able to completely preview the repaired and recovered Outlook emails along with its attributes. You’ll be able to fix PST Outlook 2010 file as well as any other PST file on all versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000. It works compatibly on all versions of Windows operating system like Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008. To check the performance of this fix PST tool, download its demo version and carryout few easy steps as shown by its graphical user interface.