How to rescue data from formatted pen drive?

SD cards, pen drives, USB drives etc are used to maintain your data, sometimes data can be maintained as a back up on these storage drives. Most common problem is that all users face data loss situation due to intentional or unintentional format. Sometimes there is a chance of losing files by accidental deletion. Whatever the reasons might be to lose data, but to regain the data from formatted SD card or pen drive we need best recovery software, so this article explains about the efficient recovery software. We can discuss the software, now let’s see, why data loss occurs.

Some of the possible reasons of data loss: –

  • Synchronization failure: – This is normally taking place trouble for the pen drive or any other external data storage users. In fact, the synchronization of the files is required to transfer data between system and pen drive or SD card. If the synchronization process is done improperly, then files might be lost bearing inaccessibility.
  • Intentional or unintentional formatting: – It’s common to format the pen drive or any other external drive before using it to save new files, in this situation if you need any files after formatting, then you will suffer data loss. In some cases some severe virus infections make you format the pen drive forcefully, but after formatting, you may get free from virus threat but all files will be lost. In this situation, you have to use this unformat data recovery tool.
  • Sudden ejection or hardware failure: – Suppose while moving files to system or from system to pen drive, if you eject it suddenly, then there is a chance of files corruption due to this you may lose files.  Sometimes without using safe remove option, you may eject the pen drive while functioning could also cause you data loss.
  • Accidental deletion: – Sometimes while removing any unwanted files, you may accidentally delete any essential files, after deletion if you require those files, then you have to make use of this software.

This unformat drive is the perfect answer for your data loss situation; it is highly sophisticated and is designed with efficient algorithms to carry out the salvage process with ease. This software performs the recovery of formatted drive, pen drive, USB drive, flash card, memory stick etc. This unformat data tool explains how to unformat SD memory card using this tool with simple steps. It can recover all files having a different file format, all media files and images can be retrieved in a single scan, after the completion of this scanning process all files will be displayed with name, size and location. It does not harm other files as it opts read-only operation on files.

This pen drive data unformat tool can support all brands of memory cards, pen drives and any other external drives. It has many modern features to carry out the recovery process in order to locate the files and provides the view of all retrieved files before restoration. Each step of usage will be explained with simple screenshots. The demo version of this tool is offered to examine the results, using this you can realize the results. If you are satisfied with its results, then to save the recovered files you have to purchase the complete versions of this software.