Outrageous PST Corruption Issues and How to Overcome Them

All are using Microsoft Outlook to maintain their email accounts because of its convenience and simplicity. Personal Storage Table (PST) is a file type of Microsoft Outlook that can store entire data. It facilitates you to send and receive email messages, message request, notes, tasks, calendar events, etc. This file may get corrupted or damaged due to several reasons. If you are searching on the internet for repairing a corrupted PST file then this article will help you to repair your valuable files. Oversized PST File Repair tool is advanced PST repair tool that repairs corrupted, deleted, damaged, inaccessible PST files.

Know about Outrageous PST file corruption issues

Hardware   Corruption: If a hard drive is corrupted then data stored on the disk may get corrupted hence a PST file gets corrupted.

Network defects: Imagine that you are accessing a PST file that resides on a network server and if any interruptions on cables, routers or any other devices then network links problem takes place and remote access of the file make it as corrupted.

The virus affects: A virus or malware program can affect the PST file and make it as inaccessible.

Abruptly closing Outlook application: If Outlook application is abruptly closed when it is accessing a PST file then there are chances where PST file gets corrupted.

Software conflicts: Due to Windows Registry error or some software conflicts a PST file might get corrupted or damaged. Processing two or more operations at the same time may result in software conflict and a PST file get corrupted or damaged.

Power Failure: An unexpected power failure to a computer while working with a PST file may result in corruption of a file.

Features of Oversized PST File Repair Tool

  • This tool is equipped with smart scan technology to deal with corrupt PST file by repairing and recovering it to its original state. This is a read-only and user-friendly tool hence it can be utilized easily by any user.
  • With the help of this tool, you can overcome the PST file is too big to open error occurred in Microsoft Outlook 2000 version.
  • After repairing a PST file you can preview the repaired files in Outlook browser style and it generates repaired PST files in Outlook 2003 – 2010 format for easy import.
  • This tool can capable to repair PST file even it is password protected, highly encrypted.
  • “Find PST File” option provided on this software, helps you to find a PST file and repair it even if you don’t know the storage location of the file.
  • While scanning the file, it also performs recovery of Outlook attributes from corrupt PST file. Later you can see all your deleted or missing emails, contacts and other data in a repaired file.
  • You can repair PST files that can’t be repaired by using Inbox Repair Tool. It overcomes the drawbacks of that tool.
  • It can capable to recover email messages, meeting requests, appointments, calendar items, notes, tasks, journals, etc.
  • This tool can safely repair corrupted Outlook mailboxes. This tool doesn’t make any changes to its original file.
  • Within three steps you can repair a corrupted or damaged PST file.

Tips to avoid Outlook PST Corruption

Don’t handle a large number of emails in a single operation: Don’t copy, delete and move a large number of files at a single time. Be patient when you perform email operations such as copy, move and delete. You can split this process into two or three times will help you to free from corruption.

Save your PST file on your computer itself: Don’t save files on a server or on a network drive, your computer is the safest and secured place to your PST files. You can read more about managing PST file on networks and about precautions to avoid corruption.

Have a proper backup plan: Taking backup is a very good habit because it always ensures the availability of your files so periodically backup PST files.

Check the PST file size: The maximum size of the file varies to different versions. Outlook 2000 have space to store data up to 2GB only, in 2003 and 2007 it has 20 GB and in 2010 and 2013 it has limit up to 50GB. Always keep the size of the file below its limit.

Be aware of virus attacks: Be careful while sharing PST files a virus can come along with file and it may affect your system. Use updated antivirus software on your system and periodically scans for viruses.

Exit the application properly: Don’t close the Outlook application or shutdown the system abruptly when a PST file is opened. Exit the application by properly closing it.

Note: Keep power backup to avoid unexpected power loss to the system.

Simple steps to repair a corrupted or damaged PST file

Step 1: Download and install Oversized PST File Repair Tool on your computer. Launch the software to repair PST file. On the main screen, you get three options “OPEN PST FILE”, “FIND PST FILE” and “SELECT OUTLOOK PROFILE”.

Step 2: If you know the location of the PST file to be repaired then go with “OPEN PST FILE” option, if you don’t know the storage location of the file then go with “FIND PST FILE”, if you have multiple Outlook profiles then go with “SELECT OUTLOOK PROFILE” option.

Step 3: Select the file to be repaired and also choose a location to store new PST file. Now the repair tool will start repairing the file. You can preview the repaired file.

If you are satisfied with the demo version then you can buy the key to the product and activate the product. After activating the tool you can use your PST files.