FAT32 is the file system utilized in some of the older versions of Microsoft Windows. It is the default file system on Windows 98. FAT32 is an improvement to the original FAT system, since it uses more bits to identify each cluster on the disk. A FAT 32 volume is limited to a size of… Read Article →

Backup of emails is very essential as you backup any other data on your computer. Email has become a crucial and integrated part of our every day life. Emails have become increasingly common and important means of communication today. Thus, email data is extremely important for business contuinity and for any office day-to-day management. Creating… Read Article →

The recent influx of virulent malware has created a great demand for powerful data recovery software. When a virus attacks a computers hard drive and inherent stored files it often renders the computers ability to access files quickly inoperable. Your PC gets slower and slower until eventually all you are able to access are the… Read Article →

The solution to this problem is to reach into your hard drive with powerful software that can read all of contents of your drive from another computer and safely copy the files you wish to save onto an external drive. REMO Data Recovery Software will do exactly this. And whether you have a Mac, A… Read Article →

Microsoft Outlook stores email messages, contacts, notes and folders on the local drive as a PST file. These are large encrypted non-text files which store all mailboxes, schedules, contacts and all other information in Microsoft Outlook. There might be a lot of reasons to lose emails from your Microsoft Outlook mailbox like: Accidental deletion of… Read Article →

In daily life when using the computer, for those who have deleted data accidentally by utilizing just delete key then you can simply retrieve it back from Recycle Bin. The reason being every one of the files deleted using only delete choice is kept in the Recycle Bin directory that we can later recover them… Read Article →

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