Has your MS word gets corrupted? Generally, the MS word is one of the best and powerful application packages of Microsoft office utilized to create text documents. This user-friendly tool provides many features to the users helping to develop a number of documents without hassle. It will become the part of everyone’s life as this… Read Article →

  “Recently I went to London with my friends and captured lots of pictures and videos with my digital camera. When I am transferring those pictures to my system, suddenly my system get shut down. When I turn on my system to transfer those remaining pictures what I see that my pictures are not present… Read Article →

All are using Microsoft Outlook to maintain their email accounts because of its convenience and simplicity. Personal Storage Table (PST) is a file type of Microsoft Outlook that can store entire data. It facilitates you to send and receive email messages, message request, notes, tasks, calendar events, etc. This file may get corrupted or damaged… Read Article →

Sometimes files from hard drive get deleted or lost due to several issues such as accidental deletion or formatting, error in file transfer, bad sector, etc. In such situations, a user loses important files from hard drive. It leads to severe data loss from the hard drive and user want to overcome such drastic situation…. Read Article →

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft. PowerPoint 2000 is one of the several versions of MS PowerPoint available in the market. PowerPoint 2000 introduced a clipboard that could hold multiple objects at once. With PowerPoint 2000, you can make learning more dynamic by creating eye-catching and innovative presentations. You can… Read Article →

Outlook application is used among users as the most useful way to execute all of their personal and professional work. Organizing tasks, sending and receiving emails all are included in this. Outlook application is most famous among the businessmen or any professional use.  You can keep all your files offline and you can successfully access… Read Article →

Most of the computer users are well known for Windows operating system.  Windows OS one of the leading operating system by Microsoft is used in most of the PCs and laptops. Various data can be held on the hard drive of the system. Hard drives are capable of storing many data types like text files,… Read Article →

ZIP file format is a most popular form of data storage. They are stored in compressed form to reduce their size. It is done so that large files can be easily transferred or shared over the network to reduce transmission time. But sometimes while you are sharing or transferring files over network, the files may… Read Article →

Memory cards are widely-used to save your data, is simply because this really is only secure medium to help keep the data safe. Some of the other secure media exist but aren’t that appropriate as memory cards. A number of handheld devices which are used in combination with memory cards to save the data. Memory… Read Article →

As the size of your PST file increases, it is likely to show unusual symptoms with Outlook. You might notice that Outlook stops responding upon synchronizing messages, opening up and reading emails, moving or deleting up mails. This happens when the size of the .pst file exceeds 2GB. Method to split pst file in Outlook:… Read Article →

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